Fitness lovers rejoice: one of the Midwest’s fastest-growing activewear brands Streignth has unveiled its newest and most ambitious products to date. Entitled “The Golden Standard”, Streignth is bringing an elegancy to the gym in the form of golden designs and statements of empowerment. 

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Black, white, and greyscale camo rule this release, giving off clean, simple looks that pair nicely with Streignth’s elegant logo. Featuring typography and a dose of motivation, one of The Golden Standard’s hoodies displays Streignth’s mission statement, reading: “Create the greatest version of yourself and always strive for more. Never settling. Always hungry for more. Stand out. Stay hungry. And Reign”.

Backed by founder Shane Skaar’s mission to motivate those around him to become the best versions of themselves mentally and physically, Streignth’s new drop represents “setting yourself up in the best position possible to succeed and live to your fullest potential physically, mentally, and spiritually”. Streignth challenges its community members to set their own golden standard, and to take the steps to level up.


Becoming a major brand across the Midwest, Streignth is seeing orders from all across the US. Spreading positivity with every new order, Streignth and CEO Shane Skaar are seeing dreams become reality. Kicking off 2021 with a strong release, the brand hopes to make its third year one to remember, and you can follow along with their journey via the links below.

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