“I believe that learning positive self-talk at an early age can encourage children to develop a growth mindset, self-confidence, and coping skills to train their brains to think more positively. By reading, I Know Who I Am, I hope to instill those things into children at an early age.”

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Keeping our youth focused and uplifted can be a challenging task, but Licensed Counseling Professional Portia Smith is up for the challenge.

Portia is a loving mother of two, counseling professional and true creative at heart. In 2019, she made a conscious decision to take her efforts beyond the office. Portia wanted to touch African American children all over the world, so she founded Imagine Me, Creative Book Publishing with a goal of uplifting African American children through picture books featuring them as main characters. 


I Know Who I Am is the first of those books and a positive self-affirmation read to help boost confidence and self-esteem. The feedback from this read has been amazing, as the book has begun to make its rounds and serve its purpose in the African American community. Continue the positive cycle by gifting a child with this outstanding read today. I Know Who I Am is currently available from Amazon, B&N and numerous other outlets.