T10 Musical Artist is, an American Rapper, from New Orleans, who has made his presence known on the Music Scene. 2020, he released his first single “Big Foot”, which such a distinctive melody sound fans, around the world, quickly gravitated towards his music. 

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Since his first release, T10 musical artist has released a total of 8 singles & 1 Ep that are available on all major streaming platforms. Notable releases include: ‘Big Foot; Single’ (2020) ‘Grandson for President’ (2020), ‘Jump Out Gang Pt.1’ (2020), ‘Jump Out Gang Pt.2’ (2020), ‘Jump Out Gang Pt.3’ (2020), ‘Elysian Field’ (2020), ‘Jump Out Gang Pt.3’ (2020), ‘Come outside’ (2020) and ‘Spoon’ (2020).

T10 has already started to develop momentum as a Rap artist. With his first official music video to drop in 2021 for his latest single ‘Dior’, T10 continues to build on his already noble discography.


T10’s emotive and rigged flow of the single with an Oddly coordination between the memorable vocal melody, well balanced instrumentation, and a lyrical flow that synchronises seamlessly with the rhythm, creates a sound that expresses the unique and creative talent of T10.  

Stream T10’s music below.