On this date in 1995, the John Singleton-directed movie Higher Learning debuted in theaters across America courtesy of Sony/Columba Pictures.

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Starring Ice Cube, Tyra Banks, Omar Epps and Michael Rapaport, Higher Learning follows three college freshman from totally different backgrounds and show how they co-exist, in peace and in war, on campus. Larry Fishburne, who plays Professor Phipps, serves as a voice a reason to Malik(Omar Epps), who is being bombarded with the common hardships of college life. Fudge, played by Ice Cube, is a pro-Black, super senior who, along with Dreads (Busta Rhymes) “mentors” Malik while he has his back when he’s confronted by neo-Nazi influenced, Iowan roommate Remy(Michael Rapaport). Malik’s girlfriend Deja(Tyra Banks) tries to remind him of his opportunity to “higher learning”, which is only afforded to a few, but is easily caught up in Malik’s indecisions.

Higher Learning addresses the racism, sexism, classism and religious prejudices faced by college students as they prepare to face those challenges in a similar capacity in the real world.


Salute to John Singleton (RIP) for writing, producing and directing this very important piece of Hip Hop history!