One thing about Jacquees, he will make a remix aka Quemix to a single. It wasn’t too long ago that the self-proclaimed king of R&B remixed Ella Mai’s “Trip.” Once his version of the single went viral, Ella Mai and her team reportedly got Jacquees’ version of the song taken down from all platforms.

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In an interview on Big Facts Podcast, Jacquees cleared up the controversy from his point of view for the first time as the singer hasn’t spoken on it since it happened. “We was friends. When I met Ella Mai she was already a fan. I remember I went on tour with Chris Brown, I was onstage or whatever and my security was like, ‘Ella Mai backstage, she wanna meet you.’… I got backstage, she in the room and she’s like, ‘What’s up Jacquees, I’m a fan, I like your music, I’m from London’ or whatever.”

Jacquees then explained that after hearing “Trip” he DM’d Ella Mai letting her know that he planned to remix the song. “I remember when I put it out, she commented on it. She put all the fire on it,” the singer stated.


As time passed, Jacquees states that there was some alleged shade being thrown his way from the London singer after she was led to believe that he attempted to monetize his version of the single, to which he denies those claims. “I just feel like a couple people made her think that I was doing something wrong. Of course, she just now steppin’ into the game. N*ggas been doing remixes and covers forever and they were trying to say I was monetizing off of the record when I wasn’t.”

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