Kamala Harris’ appearance in Vogue is sparking criticism for appearing casual and “washed out.” On the Vogue cover, Harris is seen sporting a black jacket and Converse sneakers.

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The now controversial photograph was not the one she expected to run on the front of the coveted magazine cover. A source familiar with talks said Harris’ team is blindsided by the released cover. The cover originally was supposed to feature her posing in a light blue suit against a gold background.

Furthermore, a seemingly leaked copy of the publication’s February issue cover, shot in front of a pink and green background, began circulating online Sunday. The photo instantly caused rage on social media for appearing poorly lit and styled. In addition to the rage, others suggest the cover is “disrespectful” to the Vice President-elect.


Charlotte Clymer tweeted, “Folks who don’t get why the Vogue cover of VP-elect Kamala Harris is bad are missing the point. The pic itself isn’t terrible as a pic.”

Some Twitter users claim the cover is fake. However, Vogue confirmed it is legit. Vogue tweeted Sunday the side by side pictures. The one cover that everyone is angry about on the left and the one that Harris’s team expected on the right.

Moreover, you can see the contrast in both covers. The pink cover causing distress can be greater understood. Revealing the second cover showing Harris in a powder blue Michael Kors suit caused more trouble. CNN’s sources say that the VP-elected team expected this outfit to be used as the main cover photo and the casual attire was supposed to appear inside the magazine.