Azealia Banks may have lost some fans this week after previously digging up her dead cat and then boiling it on her Instagram, but some fans may have stuck around to see the “212” rapper’s opinion on Doja Cat and Meg Thee Stallion.

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“Look at this fat girl, heavy metal and reflective shit,” Azealia said while watching a video of the Texas Hottie performing at the BET awards. “I’m sorry, Megan Thee Stallion, you look like a fu**ing fat cow. This bullshit Kesha, Fantasea… Too much meat. Oh no, Meg, you’re getting fat.”

 “Fat girl with the fat sh*t,” Azealia said. “No, Meg, no. Eww with that gut.”


Azealia Banks seems to be looking for a response as she tagged Meg under the post on Instagram, “@theestallion you need to be stopped right in your tracks sis. You look horrible.”

Azealia then went on to share her thoughts on Doja Cat as she stated that Doja has an “old white lady face,” and other negative thoughts.

After fans called Banks out for body shaming, she took to her Instagram story to let everyone know that she said what she said. “Also, PLEASE give me a break about this body shaming,” “These girls are f*cking overweight and drunk and you all know it. Quit the bullsh*t. How can you Rap about sex and genuinely not be sexy. Lol. Like we get it, You like to f*ck men for money, get drunk and overeat. Give me a break for f*cks sake.”

Doja nor Meg Thee Stallion have responded to Azealia’s comments. Maybe they are too booked and busy to respond.

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