When creating a company, an entrepreneur should have a full understanding of the industry. Being able to relate to the audience and understand the best decisions is vital in scaling a brand. For CEO Elle Ullmann, educating herself on a subject by embracing every part of it is how she’s lived her life.

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Elle is no stranger to different cultures and new practices. She applies this mindset to her companies, and it’s allowed her to become an expert in each industry, including apparel and clothing, entertainment, technology, and managing.

Elle only began her entrepreneurial journey in 2014, but already runs or is partnered with several businesses. Her first venture was creating Hashtag Board Co., a surf and skate company. Soon after, she created RU3 Performance, a water sport apparel brand, as her kids were Team USA sailors.


Family is a big part of everything Elle does, including starting her businesses. Her father was a successful entrepreneur, and it inspired Elle to pursue the same stability for her own future family. Now, she’s become part of multiple big brands.

Elle is also big in the entertainment industry and has established her own agency, MELT Music and Media Agency, where she manages artists and influencers, such as TikTok star DadLife Jason, who has over 5 million followers.

On top of that, Elle is a partner at the music marketing agency SULT, along with DJ E-Feezy. Their company is best known for creating the first meta label and bringing in opportunities for clients to market with other celebrities. 

For more information and news regarding Elle Ullmann, find her on Instagram at @ElleUllmann, or on her personal website, ElleUllmann.com. For news about MELT, head over to MELTmma.com.

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