Mazza New York can take the props for creating an icy tribute to the late rapper King Von. After posting the fascinating chain, news broke to the media that the chain was created for Lil Durk to purchase. However, Durk cleared the air by tweeting, “That’s not my weak ass chain.”

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As the controversy around the chain piled up, Mazza New York took to Instagram with a statement. “I took the Von design down out of respect for the situation. I posted the design I completed a while back to actually show love to Durk. I never said it was his and media sources picked it up and said what they wanted to say. Legitimate sources actually contacted me and I told them the scenario.”

Mazza lets it be known that he has love for Lil Durk and it was never his intention to offend anyone.  “I have nothing but love for @lildurk and his craft. In my opinion, the piece was [fire emoji] and would have been a great start to a long-lasting relationship.”


Although Durk may not be the person purchasing the chain the show honor to his late friend, that doesn’t mean Durk doesn’t have a few pieces of his own to pay tribute. In a performance with Queen Naija on Jimmy Kimmel, Durk flashes a white suede jacket that had a large portrait of the O Block rapper on the back of it. Durk also has a hat collection with the words “V.Roy” on the side where he posted on his Instagram saying, “All hats should say V.roy or you can’t wear em around us.”

Rest in peace to King Von.