The streets are watching and Benny the Butcher is here to give a reminder.

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“You niggas who be in the comments, running ya mouth thinkin’ y’all know everything? Swearing y’all street niggas? That’s rule No. 1, a street nigga never speak on shit he know nothin’ about,” Benny said. “And y’all niggas think a nigga supposed to post every aspect of his life? C’mon man, y’all n-ggas can’t be in the streets for real. Stop that.”

If anything, people should listen to Benny. Rappers are already a target and in the pandemic, the streets are even more hungry. Last year, Benny was run up on outside a Wal-Mart and he didn’t post his location, now imagine if he were to amplify it.


Everybody stay safe out there. You can hear the advice from The Butcher here