Cardi B secured her first leading role in the upcoming film, Assisted Living.

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The rapper portrays a petty crook named Amber who bit off more than she can chew when a heist goes wrong. She disguises herself as an elderly woman and hides out in her grandmother’s nursing home as she runs from the law and her former crew.

This isn’t the first time the “WAP” rapper graced the big screen. The Bronx native made a cameo in Hustlers starring Jennifer Lopez.


The Grammy-Award winning artist made a career initially on Instagram with her unfiltered, and sometimes hilarious stories chronicling her life as a stripper.

Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy follow-up is overdue and last month she said that fans can expect to hear previews in February. “I’m workin on it …I promise I won’t hold ya up for long. Maybe I’m February imma fly ten fans to hear it ….If Covid still ain’t hating,” she tweeted.

Are you ready for a new era of Bardi?

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