Starting off the new year, Smiles Official continues to deliver authentic trap music on his new album “Streets Academy” released late last year. During the quarantine he has found himself locked in the studio to create a body of work that boldly tells his life story. The eleven-track album is dedicated to fans all over the world who come from the struggle. It captures the true essence of his life story, allowing Smiles to live his truth throughmeaningful lyrics. The heavy bars are consistent in every song as Smiles Official alternate cadences effortlessly. “Streets Academy” features Lil Toon, Myke Woo and Mumba Benji, all contributing their talents to the project.

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Smiles Official is from one of Hip Hop’s music hubs: Miami, Florida. Growing up in a fast-paced cultural city came with the good and bad. Street violence and poverty were just a few things that Smiles had to overcame in his journey. Music became an outlet for his self-expression to tell the stories he saw around him, and this project is a testament to that. In songs like “American Dream” and “Will You Save Me” Smiles creates moments for his fans through vulnerability, connecting with them in a new way. With new experiences and knowledge, his music has taken on a mature sound and understanding of life that is present in every rhyme.

This album will take you on a trap journey from beginning to end, teaching the real truths of the streets and what it takes to make it out. Always being real, Smiles says, “I am not one of those people that fake it till you make it. I just graduated with time and did it at my own pace. I am truer to what’s going on in my life,” and his work reflects just this. Each song is a testament to his character and the things he survived and has a universal message that resonates with everyone. Check out “Streets Academy” on all streaming platforms! Follow him on IG @SmilesOfficial