In an exclusive report from AllHipHop, Death Row co-founder Michael “Harry-O” Harris is set to be released from prison immediately after being pardoned by outgoing President Donald Trump, which was facilitated by Snoop Dogg and friends.

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“Harry-O had another 10 years and he may not have made it,” said Weldon Angelos, one of the activists who assisted Snoop in releasing Harris. “There’s COVID…it’s rampant, there’s 40,000 people infected in the federal prison system and 190 deaths and it’s rising every day.”

Harris, who ran a multi-million dollar drug ring based in Los Angeles, had been incarcerated for over three decades, was not scheduled for release until 2028. Weldon Angelos and Alice Marie Johnson, two prison advocates who were also pardoned by Trump, helped in Harris’ commutation via Snoop’s connection to Trump’s team.


“We just let Snoop give his pitch to Alice on what Harry-O meant to him, you know, how important this person was to him. Alice listened. She was very impressed – not because it was Snoop or that (Harry-O) was the founder of Death Row Records,” Weldon said. “When she looked through the file that I had sent her, she was impressed that he had done a lot in the time he was in federal prison. He has accomplished a lot through the different programs he was creating and doing on the streets from prison. And his post-release plans.”

Harry-O is the individual responsible for granting the $1.5 million in seed money to launch Death Row Records back in 1992. Harris became engulfed in a legal battle with Suge Knight over proceeds from the label during his incarceration.

Weldon Angelos concluded, “This is definitely an injustice they corrected today. Out of all this drama going on with the White House, something good has come out of this.”