A packed Houston nightclub was shut down Saturday night for being overcapacity, but the worst part is that Fabolous and Trey Songz were booked to host!

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Fire Chief Samuel Pena said the club was given the option to reopen under certain circumstances, but the club opted to close.

“If there was an emergency, a fire or something that would have occurred inside, we would have had a massive loss of life because the means of entry,” Pena said. “The exits were blocked.”


The event was called The Black Affair and people even traveled from New Orleans to attend. There were hundreds of people waiting outside while the club was already overcapacity.

Fabolous and Trey Songz weren’t the only artists who received backlash for accepting bookings amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Bow Wow got dragged for performing “Like You” at a packed Houston event and claimed he wore a mask until that moment.”Man I been hosting parties all last year. I wore my mask in the club. I can’t host with that thing on,” he responded in one message.

The Hip Hop veteran also claims he tested “twice” for the coronavirus and noted that he “Keep sanitizer on me at all times.”

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