I was blown away from all the unreleased music Perfetto sent us. He had some great compositions, bangers, trap beats, and overall high energy dance records ready to release. One of our favorites is called The Night Calls Me feat. John Sylvia. It originally won Perfetto the Insomniac Discovery Project in 2014, but he has yet to release it to the public. His Avicii-like sound on the record is catchy, poppy, and very mainstream.

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His diverse sound of future bass, trap, progressive house, and festival dance music is energetic and exhilarating. #Perfettonation his hashtag represents his fanbase of diverse and loyal fans across the country.

We listened to Your Love with pop vocalist James Elizabeth which was very uplifting, and his two collaborations with rock group Orgy that captivate the early 2000s industrial rock and current dance music. Jay Gordon from Orgy says, “So I know a lot of producer/dj’s and I’ve worked with some of the biggest in the game. I think Perfetto’s ability to adapt with the ever- changing world of dance music, sets him apart from the rest of the pack. It’s only a matter of time before he gets to leave his mark and receives the notoriety he deserves.”


Perfetto has an upcoming release with Damnboy! that is calming and easy-flowing . Another upcoming release The World has a MainStage appeal to it, and I feel as if I have entered the Tomorrowland music festival upon listening.

He has not released an original song in over 3 years, which perplexes us. His lack of releases explains why he is so excited to finally put out music this year, because his hard drive has so many great songs. The Aladdin based producer was signed in 2018, and after a year he parted ways with the label he was signed to.

Perfetto also described some of his gear that makes his work sound professional and clear.

 “I use all the Universal Audio plugins and their interfaces. They make the absolute best plugins and interfaces for mixing and mastering. I also use a lot of the Manley equipment as well, like their Massive Passive and their Reference Cardioid Microphone. I have the black lion audio modification of the x16, their Bluey, and their Power conditioners. Black lion Audio makes some of the cleanest equipment in the Audio world. I use ATC speakers and the Avantone CLA-10as for my speakers” I also have the Heritage Audio Successor and the BAE 1073 for vocals. I use BURL converters, and a Mac Pro for my computer. I like equipment, and I like knobs, it makes making music more fun. Even-though I enjoy equipment, too much equipment is a bad thing. If I do not use a piece of equipment for a long time, I sell it.”

Let’s see where 2021 takes Perfetto, but we are ready to see the results and we are cheering him on! In his own words, Perfetto says, “Believe in your dreams, and never give up, because the only person that will make your dreams a reality is yourself.”