Whether you have been on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter you had to hear of the Buss It Challenge that is now taking over social media. The challenge, similar to the “Dont Rush” challenge involves participants showcasing their beauty to the hot new single.

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The Buss It Challenge involves a sample from Nelly’s “Hot In Here” single released in 2002.

When asked about the record on The Zach Sang Show, Nelly shred that he approves of the track and commends Erica on her success with the single thus far! “Yeah, it’s dope! Keep doin’ it. Ya know, Obviously, I had to clear the record. But yo, keep doing it, definitely. I see the numbers adding up for me. It’s awesome!” Nelly stated.


“When I heard the record I was like yo that’s jammin, that’s hard,” The St. Louis rapper states. “I want to make sure that the sister gets a shot to do, you know, to try to better her life. I wouldn’t hold any of that up. I’m just glad it’s working out for her and it’s giving her an opportunity.”

When Erica was asked about the success of her new record she said, “It was a surreal moment watching it grow from platform to platform. I’m excited to see women having fun with it and now the guys are joining too,” she told NYLON.

“Watching the women transform is the best part of the challenge and yes that’s something I relate to. Today I may give you sneakerhead and tonight you’ll see me all glammed up.”