For some reason, being compared to Ben Simmons is a bad thing. Chris Brown blasted a fan page for making the comparison between the careers of him and the Philadelphia 76ers star and now has support in Tank.

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“Y’all pussy ass n***as gone stop playing wit me like I ain’t better than any n***as u can possible think of… BASKETBALL A TEAM sport,” he said. “You fuck ass lil n***as better watch sport center because you’ll lose count watching my paper.”

A hit maker in his own right, Tank chimed in with his opinion on the matter, citing that Brown is a legend and should be treated as such.


“Sometimes people fall out of love with greatness because they get so used to it. Having hit records EVERY year is a progression that MOST have not achieved! What you fail to realize is that CHRIS BROWN IS THE PROGRESSION,” Tank wrote. “He’s who they all want to be and be like.” 

Do you agree with Tank? Are we taking greatness for granted? Sound off below.