Words by: Miss Wright

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Today is the day that the United States will transition the presidency from Donald Trump to Joseph Biden, now the 46th president. This inauguration is more significant than usual for one reason and her name is Kamala Harris.

Today, Kamala Harris was sworn into office as the country’s Vice President and it represents a lot of firsts for the United States. Kamala is now the first African-American, first female, and first Asian-American to fulfill this role for the U.S.


The Oakland, California native is the child of two immigrant parents- her mother came here from India and her dad, from Jamaica. Despite some of the struggles endured by first-generation American families, Kamala worked hard to further her education to make a difference for herself and her family.

She achieved her undergraduate degree from Howard University, one of the country’s most notable historically Black colleges. During her time there, she became a member of the first African-American sorority to be incorporated- Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. which explains why you may see the new VP sporting pink and green as they are sorority’s colors.

Kamala went on to achieve a law degree from the University of California and eventually became the first female and African-American to serve as California’s Attorney General. From then, she became a California Senator and after a tumultuous campaign with Joe Biden, she’s now made history once again.

Sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina member of the Court; on bibles that belonged to Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American member to ever serve on the Court, Kamala humbly accepts this role while giving credit to her predecessors.

“I’m here today because of the women who came before me,” tweeted Kamala.

Not only has Kamala made history within her new role, but the fulfillment of her old role is making history as well. The new senator of California that will be taking her place is Alex Padilla, the state’s first Latino senator.

Kamala stands as a symbol of change, progression and admiration for so many groups of society such as, women, Black women, people of color, 1st generation Americans, Asian-Americans, Caribbeans, members of Alpha Kappa Alpha & other members of the Black greek life, Howard students/alum, and the list goes on.


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Today we witness history being made and hopefully, while she is the first, she won’t be the last.