Ro$$ Mac spent 2020 helping the culture maneuver through the coronavirus pandemic stock market. Prior to the crisis hit the market, the first Wall street rapper, financial expert, and entrepreneur was educating the culture on how to maneuver in the market and set yourself up for wealth.

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After helping people sustain through the past year and setting them up for 2021, Mac returns to releasing music, dropping the video for his new banging single “Billions.”

“Billions is a Get Money motivational record,” Mac said. “It’s what you get when you bring Wall Street’s Bobby Axelrod and Jordan Belfort to the South Side of Chicago.


“When we thought of the video, we wanted to combine two of the biggest goats in film and TV. We combined the main characters from ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ and the TV show ‘Billions.’ Hence the name of the song.”

You can follow Mac’s efforts to bring a wealth of knowledge to the inner cities and make it easier for my people to get a bag here and peep the Ashanti As Hell-directed “Billions” video below.

“Billions” videographer is Lateef Idris.