On his final day in the White House, Trump decided to pardon almost 150 people, including Lil Wayne. Just weeks before the election, however, Weezy came out in support of Donald Trump and co-signed the “Platinum Plan,” a last-minute effort by the Trump administration to get the Black vote. Not too long after he endorsed Trump, Wayne was arrested and plead guilty to federal gun charges.

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News of Trump granting Wayne a pardon led many in the hip hop world to celebrate. Others couldn’t but speculate that his endorsement of Trump for President was all a plot to get a pardon.

Lil Wayne’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, however, put down rumors of his client’s ploy to get a pardon. In an interview with the New York Times, Cohen spoke about how he helped set up the meeting between Trump and Weezy. Wayne had been under investigation for a weapons charge for about a year at the time of his meeting with Trump, but the investigation had no impact on the meeting between the two.


He added that it was never Wayne’s intention to get a pardon from Trump. However, the meeting definitely put him in Trump’s good graces. “It never hurts that someone gets a full understanding of an individual when they’re just looking at a piece of paper,” he said. “In hindsight, I guess it worked out.” 

Lil Wayne had been under investigation for a federal weapons charge that stemmed from December 2019. He was caught transporting a handgun on a plane from Los Angeles to Miami.

As to why Cohen thinks Trump favored Lil Wayne, he said that, “I think they had a very strong connection. He’s in the entertainment world. He’s got a style that’s similar in terms of the way that he carries himself, and a lot of rappers and people in the industry relate to that.”