Everyone who watched the inauguration was in awe of Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris inaguration looks that were created by fashiond esigner Sergio Hudson.

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Following the historic day for America, Hudson visited The Bakari Sellers Podcast to detail the work that went into creating each style.

“Well, it actually was inspired by a look from my Fall ’20 collection. It was a dress and a coat,” Hudson said. “And, her stylist, Meredith, liked the outfit and she was like, ‘Can we make it a little more for Mrs. Obama?’ And, we did the pants instead a dress, and we did the top as a sweater instead of a dress. And, it’s pretty much the exact same look and we dropped the coat to the floor just for a little bit more drama, and that’s how we got where we got.”


For Vice President Harris he detailed that the relationship sparked after creating a couple of suits for her campaign trail. “When they won and it was known that they were having an Inauguration, they gave us an opportunity to submit and they chose us to submit for the Ball that got canceled. So, the outfit that she wore was actually for the Inaugural Ball that didn’t happen.”

He added, “The dress was supposed to be to the floor, and the coat was actually a different coat. It as like an opera coat that was a little more dramatic. Then, when the insurrection happened and all of that, they kind of definitely was like, ‘We’re not doing that.’ And, they planned what they did. So they cut the dress to cocktail and I had to make another coat in, like, two days.”

You can hear the full episode here.