To be, or not to be. One day you may be ready to walk down the aisle, and the next day you may be ready to call it quits. That seems to be the reality of Love and Hip Hop veteran, Masika Kalysha as the reality star shares with fans that she is calling off her engagement to Jamar Champ.

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Masika and Jamar celebrated their engagement party a week ago, she initially told fans the reason why she was able to give her hand in marriage just 4 months after dating Champ. “Met my fiancé 10 years ago. Curved him for 97% of those 10 years,” she tweeted. “Been dating for 4 months. He asked me to marry him 4 days ago. Last night I asked him, ‘what made you so sure after only 4 months of dating?’ He said ‘I knew 10 years ago, on the day I met you that I was gonna marry u.'”

Masika shared why things will not continue to go on as planned in a message penned to her fans on Instagram. “After much thought and careful consideration, along with some unfortunate findings, I have made the difficult decision to call off my engagement. As a public figure I am aware that I am not entitled to the privacies most people would have,” she begins.


“Because of this realization, I go the extra mile to ensure the privacy, safety, and security of my family, loved ones, and intimate relationships. With that being said, I put forth every attempt to respectfully disengage, quietly, in efforts to save both me and my former fiance the public embarrassment and scrutiny that I am accustomed to on a daily basis.”

Masika then goes on to explain that despite her believing she knew this man after being friends for ten years, she found herself questioning if she really knew him after all. She captioned the explanation, “Please keep me and my princess in your prayers we are both,” followed by a broken heart emoji. Check out Masika’s full message to her fans below.

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