Remember when this was actually a plan in the U.S. Treasury? Well, Harriet is back again.

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According to President Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki, the plan by the Obama Administration to put historic abolitionist Harriet Tubman as the face of the new $20 bill. According to Psaki, Tubman on the new dubs  “reflect the history and diversity of our country.”

The plan was originally set for 2016, but President Biden plans to expedite the process. President Obama’s Treasury Secretary, Jacob Lew, said the Tubman $20 bills were going to replace Andrew Jackson in a U.S. currency redesign.


The current face on the $20 bill, President Andrew Jackson, had his portrait replaced in the Oval Office by Benjamin Franklin under the orders of President Biden, in an attempt to dismantle the racist history of the White House as Jackson was a known slave owner and staunch supporter of slavery.

Trump dismissed the “Tubman on the Twenty” as “pure political correctness”, but President Biden sees the importance of telling the true history of the Nation.