If there’s one thing Master P is going to do, it’s stay in his bag.

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Master P took to Instagram to announce that he is partnering with former Tesla engineer, Richard Patterson, to create the next generation of supercars, Trion Supercars. This would make the Louisiana entrepreneur and music mogul the head of the first Black-owned supercar manufacturer in the United States.

“#RichardPatterson CEO of Trion, the first black-owned supercar manufacturer in America. He is a former engineer at Tesla, designing the Model S from scratch. He also designed the landing gear on the Boeing 777 and the folding seats system in the Dodge Minivan,” P wrote. 


He continued, “Mr. Patterson has went on to create his own supercar the Nemesis RR, adding diversity in the automotive industry and empowering a culture of dreamers… In addition to the Nemesis RR models, Trion Supercars is currently in the process of creating affordable luxury suvs and cars for the masses. www.TrionSuperCars.com.”

Master P’s announcement comes just a month after he announced that he is trying to buy Reebok from Adidas in March of this year. Master P said that if he acquires Reebok he plans on turning it into a lifestyle brand. “As we focus on turning Reebok to a lifestyle brand not just a basketball brand, our most important initiative will be to put money back into the community that built this company,” Master P said.