He’s back at it again. DJ Akademiks is no stranger to going back and forth with an artist or voicing his opinion on the industry. This time, Akademiks sends some shots to the East Chicago rapper, Yungeen Ace.

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The beef began when Akademiks made a comment involving SpotEmGotEm’s alleged claims of being a snitch. Following his commentary, Yungeen Ace told Akademiks to no longer speak or make a report about him.

“Don’t you ever tell me not to post about you ever again,” Akademiks mentioned.  “I also don’t got to go over tons of receipts of y’all n-ggas tryna pay to post you. Yungeen Ace, you are a lil’ n*gga in rap. Don’t talk to me like you some boss n-gga. I guess you some gangsta that’s killed 30 n-ggas in the streets, but this is the industry. And you talking to a different type of n*gga when it comes to me… I don’t give two f*cks about y’all n*ggas.”


The rant on Twitch didn’t stop there. “This year, I’m not letting none of y’all get off,” Akademiks added. “Keep your little gangsta, gangsta sh*t with Spooky Wooky and [SpotEmGottem]. I don’t know if you’re a snitch, I don’t care. Even if you were, I don’t care. Don’t start talking that other bullsh*t thinking you’re never gonna bully me. This media sh*t n*gga, all y’all n*ggas, y’all need me. I don’t need you.”

“You keep that gangsta sh*t and that bullshit in the f*cking streets with the n*ggas that called you a snitch,” Akademiks stated.  “I don’t care who’s snitching. You called somebody a snitch, which I posted you calling somebody a snitch. I posted that day and somebody said you might be doing the same.”

Yungeen Ace posted a document on his story allegedly stating that Jacksonville rapper, SpotEmGotEm snitched on a friend of his, which is what allegedly led to his friend, Y&R Mookey being arrested on charges of possession of a firearm back in April.