Keyshia Cole’s VERZUZ battle with Ashanti was a record-breaking affair, however, Cole has regret about how she entered the battle.

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Speaking on Instagram Live, Keyshia Cole states she wishes she would have gotten on camera sooner and apologized to fans for creating a lengthy delay in her appearance and leaving Ashanti solo.

“I want to apologize for not sitting my ass in that seat because I was there and I should’ve sat down,” Cole said. “I should’ve just sat in the seat, no matter if I felt like the visual wasn’t clear or they said my music wasn’t gonna be right or whatever it was.”


She would also detail that she wanted to keep away from any tech issues for the battle.

“I don’t want to go on and they not see me and I’m looking blurry, the connection is not right and everything like that,” Cole said.

You can hear the apology below.