Mainly known for being a part of Ice Cube’s L.A.-based Da Lench Mob, rapper J-Dee admitted to his primary role in the shooting death of 23-year-old Scott Charles during a fight in Inglewood, CA in June 1993.

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According to the parole hearing transcript obtained by VladTV, J-Dee, whose real name is Dasean Cooper, said, “I do accept responsibility because I brought everyone to that drama that night, every person involved in that from the very first scuffle. I even picked two people up who was not part of the original scuffle, brought them back to the location…I am responsible for everything that took place that night.”

During the hearing at Chuckawalla State Prison, the parole board commissioners observed Cooper crying, which they saw as genuine remorse. “You were remorseful and appropriately emotional when you discussed the harm you caused to your victims. Ultimately, the panel felt that you’ve demonstrated a lengthy period of positive rehabilitation, which is a standard for suitability under the law,” said presiding commissioner David Long.

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Screen Shot 2021 01 28 at 9.43.26 AM

J-Dee admitted his affiliation to the Crip gang in his Compton neighborhood growing up, but didn’t really associate with the Crips after his father was killed in the 1980s during the apex of L.A.’s gang wars.

He also told the board that a visit from his wife and daughter in 2013 helped him change his mind and his life for the better.

They told me…that I needed to make a decision today,” J-Dee said. “Was I going to spend my life in prison, trying to use cellphones, breaking rules, or was I going to do everything in my power to bring myself home to my family and children? It was a very powerful visit. Needless to say, I chose my family over spending the rest of my life in prison.”  

Incarcerated since 1993 on a 29 years to life sentence, J-Dee is currently still in prison, pending the approval of his release by a second committee.