Newly elected President Biden has promised to make health care more affordable and available. His executive order Thursday takes one immediate step in that direction.

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As an immediate result of his action, the Department of Health and Human Services is set to reopen enrollment on the federal Affordable Care Act exchange between February 15 and May 15.

This action would give all Americans who missed the most recent sign-up period, which ended December 15, access to Obamacare policies — and to federal assistance to pay for them. Roughly 15 million uninsured people could benefit, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.


Nearly 9 million of these families could qualify for free or subsidized coverage, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Individuals making up to about $51,000 and families of four earning up to about $104,800 are eligible for subsidies.

The new Biden administration is promising to conduct a “robust outreach” effort to make these folks aware of the opportunity and help them sign up, the official said. It will include paid advertising, direct outreach to consumers, and partnerships with community organizations.

While many will say the Biden administration is moving slow, others see his actions as immediate steps towards positive political change. And that, will help reshape out country and allow us to once again be confident in our voices as Americans.