Charlamagne has really been on his Drake hate as of late.

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Shortly after Lil Baby revealed in an interview that he has more songs with Drake, Charlamagne argued that Lil Baby doesn’t need a verse from Drake anymore. In fact, he thinks it’s the other way around.

“There was a time when a Drake feature helped Lil Baby,” said the radio host, referencing the two artists’ previous collaborations. “I think, right now Drake might need that Lil Baby feature.” Yee and Envy were quick to disagree, but Charlamagne held his ground. “Drake is still Drake, but let’s be clear, a lot of the Drake records, at least as of late, haven’t really taken off at radio,” he added. 


Charlamagne was then reminded of the success of Drake’s last two records, “Toosie Slide” and “Laugh Now, Cry Later.” DJ Envy reminded Charlamagne that “Toosie Slide” went number 1, even though it wasn’t as popular in the clubs as it was on the radio, and “Laugh Now, Cry Later” also went number 1.

“That’s ’cause radio plays it a million times. Envy you’re a liar because you told me you was out in the streets and the record wasn’t ringing off,” Charlamagne said.

Do you think Charlamagne has a point, or does he sound like a hater?