Cardi B has gotten her fans on the edge of their seats. The Grammy Award-winning superstar took to her Instagram Sunday night to give her supporters a heads up on what’s to come. While it was quite ambiguous as to what that thing could be, it built anticipation.

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“I got an an announcement to make tomorrow, bye,” said the Bronx native. As she exits off-camera, Truth Hurts’ “Addictive” plays in the background.

When making the announcement, she does not come to play with her outfit. She stunts in a denim trench jacket, with a denim bra set to match. Cardi accessorizes with a Christian Dior bandana, necklace, and bag.


It is difficult to guess what the announcement could be. The possibilities are endless. Will we receive the release date for her sophomore album? Will it be the “WAP” follow-up single? Is it she has another brand collaboration? There are so many questions. We will just have to wait until the announcement has been made.

Over the past 6 months, Bardi has enjoyed the success of her most talked-about single to date, her sneaker collaboration with Reebok, and her latest show on Facebook Watch, ‘Cardi Tries.’ Expect the Monday announcement to come in true Cardi B, grandiose fashion.