Kanye West’s Sunday Service was a cultural reset at a time when his iconic legacy was plagued with controversy and mental health issues. But it looks like he wasn’t taking care of the choir that serenaded the Sunday service goers weekly.

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Attorney Frank Kim filed a lawsuit on behalf of 500 performers, meanwhile, entertainment lawyer, Harris & Ruble filed a second lawsuit focusing on at least 300 staff and crew members.

Harris & Ruble allege that the crew members’ issue stems from the rapper’s first opera Nebuchadnezzar, which was held at L.A.’s The Hollywood Bowl in November 2019.


Hundreds of hairstylists, make up artists, and costume designers worked without compensation or were paid late.

One hairstylist, Raina Leon, alleges that it took 120 days for her to receive a $550 payment she was owed and was charged $20 to cash her check.

Michael Pearson, who represents the performers in the class action suit alleges that they worked for two days without meal or rest breaks and were only paid $550 despite working overtime.

Additionally, performers claim that many of them sat on the floor for the 10-hour workdays because there weren’t enough chairs. A shuttle bus drove them from their cars to the venue, however, a roundtrip shuttle wasn’t offered and they had to walk back to their cars.

Lawyers are allegedly looking for more victims to join the lawsuit. “They’ve got hundreds of people on board already, but they’re talking to many, many others, who want to be a part of it. People are very upset about how they were treated, saying it’s their worst experience. People in the lawsuit are asking their friends who’ve worked on previous Sunday Services, and they’re jumping at the chance, they want to get involved and talk about their horrible time.”

Another insider added, “When you do things last minute, it’s disorganized, mistakes will happen. When Kanye West does a production, he just says to his guys: ‘Make it happen,’ he has different teams of people to do things, and when you’re under that amount of pressure, you cut corners. Anything with film or music production, they do the art first, it’s a case of ‘let’s get the production done and worry if it’s legal later.”

They continued, “I’m pretty sure Kanye West hasn’t done anything about paying a bill in 20 years, he’d expect people to take care of it. But Kanye can’t have this go to trial, as the jury may not be Kanye fans and just see a rich rapper ripping off normal folk, he can settle for much less or be hit with a $30 million legal bill.”

News of this class action against Kanye West comes after reports that the Sunday Service was suing him for $1 million in unpaid wages. The mogul is also rumored to be divorcing his wife, Kim Kardashian.