Over two dozen alleged victims came forward accusing T.I. and Tiny of drugging them, sexual coercion, and other sexual misconduct allegations.

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Sabrina Peterson posted the screenshots to her Instagram story after she alleged that the rapper held her at gunpoint.

The Harrises issued the following statement denying all claims: “Mr. and Mrs. Harris want to be on record and more importantly want the public to know they emphatically deny in the strongest way possible the egregiously appalling allegations being made against them by Sabrina Peterson,” a spokesperson told Vulture. “The Harrises have had difficulty with this woman for well over a decade. They are taking this matter very seriously, and if these allegations don’t end, they will take appropriate legal action.”


On top of the statement, T.I. uploaded an eight-minute video “vehemently” denying “ALL these disgusting, anonymous allegations.”

Tiny previously took to Instagram to defend her husband by posting a picture of Tip and Peterson’s children, adding clarity to the woman’s relationship with their family.

“He was just uncle 2 years ago … 🤔now when did you say my husband assaulted you? Did you change your mind or change it back?” Tiny wrote, adding, “Stop Harassing My Family.”

But the most eye-raising part of the story is Tiny’s friend, Shekina Jo, claiming that Sabrina Peterson recruited other women for the Hip Hop couple. Moments later, Shekina returned on Instagram switching up her tune.

She tearfully explained, “Willy used to say to me, she this person, she that person. Yesterday when I said what I said on the Live, okay, I was speaking out of hurt. I was just saying what she was saying about somebody else. I was just only saying that back to her. That had nothing to do with none of the rest of the women.”

Shekina added, “I feel like she’s psychotic. That’s my opinion, ’cause I would never go and attack nobody. What y’all not gon’ do is pull me in something that I ain’t got nothing to do with. I don’t know Sabrina and Tiny and they friendship because they wasn’t friends when I came around. I cannot say that Sabrina recruited nobody for them because I don’t know. I know that ’cause Willy said that. I’m crying ’cause it’s hurtful, friend.”

Peterson responded to the couple’s denial on Instagram and suggested that they take a lie detector test. “LETS TAKE A LIE DETECTOR TEST!” she wrote before alluding that she plans to take this to court.

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