Vanessa Bryant is warning people that an article claiming her late husband Kobe Bryant had cancer and endorsed a CBD oil is a total scam job.

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The story, which was from People magazine, stated that the Bryant family’s CBD product has been “flying off the shelves within minutes” and demand heavily outweighs supply. It also said the foundation has pledged to send one free bottle to anyone in need.

Vanessa took to social media to defend the Bryant name and legacy.


“LIES! Don’t get SCAMMED. Kobe NEVER USED CBD. @people doesn’t have anything to do with this either. (Pay attention to the fake website link),” Bryant wrote on her Instagram page.

The ad for Premium Grade CBD supposedly appeared in a special health section off People had  Bryant allegedly praising the effects of the cannabis-based product.

During Bryant’s 18 year career, not once has his name been associated with any drugs or herbal supplements. To believe Bryant would use any CBD oils and not have himself mention it sounds like a stretch.