Back in November 2020, Funk Flex took to his Instagram to not only share that he had liposuction surgery but revealed footage of the procedure. Many ridiculed the legendary DJ for his TMI-like post.

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Flex’s recently stopped by Gilli Da Kid and Wallo’s Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. During the conversation, Flex discussed his surgery saying that he needed to first get to 290 pounds. After doing so, there were other areas that needed work.

He stated that his comfortability lied within the recommendation by professional athletes. Body transformation procedures are typically associated with women. Therefore, he quickly became a trending joke.


“I went public with it just because I thought everyone did,” Flex started. “Now, I can’t say I seen, but I can say, you know, I did, to my knowledge, Drake and Kanye and LL (Cool J) and people like that, that’s what they were doing,” Flex added. “When I called and I got in touch with the guy who did it for me, I was recommended because current football players and current boxers go to him.”

Back in 2018, Kanye West did confirm his liposuction surgery. After seeing the public ridicule his brother-in-law, Rob Kardashian received after weight gain, Ye wanted to avoid any more scrutiny.

Funk Flex’s appearance on Gilli and Wallo’s podcast has trended over the past few weeks. The Hot 97 DJ stated Drake is a better rapper than Jay-Z. Flex’s statement sparked an intense debate amongst Hip-Hop lovers of all ages. Both Gilli and Wallo were taken back by the statement.

Peep the entire episode below.