Fans of Nipsey Hussle can tune in this Friday to the live stream of his visual album.

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The estate of Nipsey Hussle announced plans to release a visual album for his 2010 mixtape The Marathon.

So after a long wait, fans can finally see the premiere of the visual album this upcoming Friday!  You know it’s official because the announcement was made on the rapper’s Instagram. The announcement features a preview with a Mercedes driving in the sunset. So far, the clips of the visual experience seem to eulogize the beloved rapper.


Nipsey Hussle was known not only as a talented artist but a cornerstone of the Crenshaw community.

Furthermore, @okidoki, one of the project designers, shared a second clip on their Instagram as well. With the second clip being posted, the designer also tagged Rodeo Drive as the location. “Celebrating the life of an incredible human, the Marathon Mixtape and the first week of #BlackHistoryYear,” the caption reads.

Nipsey’s estate first teased the project back in December. With the teaser, the estate included a statement announcing the collaboration with the virtual content creator OkiDoki. In addition, the statement features them giving thanks to the creator for bringing the visual album to life.

“The experience will give viewers [an] intimate look at the era that helped shape this masterpiece. The people, the places, the stories, and more.”

Nipsey’s 18-track mixtape The Marathon was released on Dec. 21, 2010 around the time Nipsey was trying to get out of his deal with Epic Records, and spawned songs like “Keys to the City” and “Late Nights and Early Mornings.”

It’s been nearly two years since his death, but Nipsey’s legacy lives on. After winning two Grammys last year, he was posthumously nominated for another Grammy and two NAACP Image Awards for “Deep Reverence,” his collaboration with Big Sean.