Following vaccine PSAs featuring Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Gregg Popovich, activist, 11-time NBA champion, and Hall of Famer Bill Russell speaks while receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

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I just arrived to get my COVID shot, and this is one shot I won’t block. No Celtics were harmed during my shot. Let’s do this together. To learn more about vaccines, visit,” the soon-to-be 87-year-old says.

In the previous PSA, Popovich detailed his experience to the viewing public.


“I’m going to get the COVID-19 vaccine shot – it will keep me safe, keep my family safe and keep other people safe. Wearing masks is important and to get the vaccine does give you an added level of assurance,” Popovich said. “I didn’t even feel it! Science-wise, it’s a no brainer. It’s the right thing to do so we can all get on track again. Let’s do this together. To learn more, visit”