Cardi B recently premiered her music visual to her newest single, “Up.”

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Fans have been anticipating some new music from the NY rapper since the release of “WAP” featuring Meg Thee Stallion in August of 2020. In an interview with Zane Lowe, Cardi B shares what’s holding her back from dropping an album for her fans, and reveals that the constant criticism bothers bother.

“I haven’t been able to eat,” she said. “I feel like I get criticized a lot, and scrutinized, so it’s just like everything. I always feel like I’ve got to be super, super, super perfect. I’m a Libra, so everybody’s opinion always counts to me.”


Cardi also shared where she got her influence in Drill music. My last song was very sexual, very sexual, so I always want my next songs to be different than the one before,” she explains. “When I started rapping, when I first put music out, like my mixtape…This might sound crazy, but I got really inspired of Drill Chicago music. I was young, and I liked that and everything, so my mixtape was very all about gangster violence. If it’s up, then it’s stuck. That’s where I wanted to take it with this record.”

As fans continue to anticipate Cardi’s new album, there’s hope that she may release a project this year. “I really wanted to put out an album last year, but it was like, “I feel like I don’t have the right songs,” she admits. “I have recorded so many songs. I think I’ve got like 50 songs recorded, and I’m just still not satisfied. If I’m not satisfied, I’m just not satisfied, but I really want to put out an album this year. I feel like I have no choice now. Now, I feel like I exceeded my limit of holding. I just need to stop with the fear.”

Like anyone else chasing their dreams, Cardi shares that she tends to doubt herself.  ” I don’t even be knowing what should be like the base of my album sometimes. — Should most of my songs be freaky songs? Most of my songs should be about tricking?” I’ve got my sensitive songs and stuff, and it’s just like, ‘Are they enough? Are they explaining my feelings enough?’ My intro is just like… I’ve got like… Three potential intros, and it’s just like, are “They good enough? Are they explaining everything that I want to explain?'” 

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