Philadelphia 76ers partner and REFORM Alliance co-chair Michael Rubin gifted Super Bowl tickets to two Florida families that were unjustly impacted by the state’s broken probabtion and parole policies.

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Michael Orlando was a recipient who went with his daughter. Michael was wearing an ankle monitor on parole and received a verbal commitment from his parole officer to attend a company retreat only to state he was “leaving the country without permission.” Orlando didn’t have written approval and a fugitive task force surrounded his house and arrested him, leading him to county jail for 3 months. His father passed away in jail, only for charges to be dropped once his employer testified.

The second was Ysabelle Mobelle who brought her son to the big game. Ysabelle is a 29-year-old mother of four who was re-incarcerated for testing positive for marijuana on her urinalysis, but her marijuana use as a result of chronic anxiety. When she was sentenced to prison, she was pregnant and her 5-year-old son was placed in the foster care of family members during the course of a year. Her incarceration was so traumatic, her children have been enrolled in therapy as a result of being disconnected from Ysabelle.


Of note, the state of Florida had 164,655 people under probation/parole supervision and 11 percent of those were reincarcerated for similar technical probation violations.