Wack 100 recently spoke with Jake Crates and revealed how the west coast collectively ignored the publicity stunt that Tekashi 6ix9ine pulled in his visit to Los Angeles.

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Wack states L.A.Roundtable of OG gang members in the entertainment industry met and controlled the chaos of 6ix9ine’s visit to L.A.

“You know Big U from Rollin 60’s, Wack from Westside Piru and Compton, Blue from Long Beach Insane. You know Top Dawg has definitely always been there, Nickerson Gardens Bounty Hunters, myself and you know the list goes on and on as far as who sits at that table, but we help maintain the peace within our rap community,” Wack 100 explained. “You know it’s been a long time since you heard about a studio getting shot up or the club got shot up because such and such is there. Or, it was a riot backstage because of this situation, because that Roundtable controls it.”


Wack 100 would state “nobody ever took the dude seriously,” when 6ix9ine planned his L.A. visit.

“We really didn’t handle it because it wasn’t our situation to handle. First and foremost, it was really a small situation with him and Slim 400. And you know we understand our youth, they do things for marketing reasons to promote things that they have coming out. I really think it was more that with Slim 400 than anything. Slim 400 gonna take that deal, Slim from Compton for real, he don’t take this dude serious. He said something, other dude said something, you know Tekashi being a – I guess he was New York Blood, he clicks up with the Hoovers and whatever he did, which was great because it gave the Hoovers a pay day. But we don’t mind it, whoever got him got him. But nobody ever took the dude seriously, I mean look at the dude. We always looked at him like the police. He ain’t ‘bout that life. For us to go into defense mode or war mode, this lil dude would’ve said something about us. So we just sat back and watched the show. And eventually it was a fuckin show,” Wack 100 said.

During Tekashi’s trip to the west coast, Tekashi would also visit the Nipsey Hussle memorial during what Wack said was a less busy time.

“You gotta understand, first of all if you look at that video clip, him standing in front of the painting of Nipsey on the wall, he fucked up and he’s waving and he took the camera too far left where you can see Slauson Ave right? There’s nobody out there… So if a motherfucker goes some place at 5-6 in the morning, when he knows nobody is there, and fronts like he’s doing something, then you know… He did the same thing with Chief Keef in Chicago. He went over there at like 4-5 in the morning talking about I’m on your block, you know that type of thing, so you know, he’s running around, he’s got 7-8 off duty fed police with him, which you know at the end of the day is gonna be his demise because, the label in his pockets, so he’s not gonna be able to support that bill too much longer.”

Tekashi may be back to his trolling ways soon as he has announced some new music.