Zendaya shares her thoughts on the importance of the new Netflix movie, Malcolm & Marie. Netflix starred both Zendaya and John David.

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Malcolm & Marie, a drama in black-and-white, was directed by Sam Levison. It was also notably written and filmed during the pandemic. Additionally, the film is out now on Netflix’s streaming platform.

Zendaya marked the new movie’s release with an extended statement on her social channels. She tells fans that she was “full of excitement and nervousness.”


The starring actress also explains how she can be “pretty self-critical.” Continuing, she explains how her self-criticism causes her to be “far too fearful” to make things herself as well as trust herself “enough to even try.”

Zendaya’s recent Euphoria output was widely acclaimed. However, on Thursday night she explained:

“This is really my first time believing that maybe I could. This is my first time being a leading lady, but also my first time being this creatively involved in something, producing something, co-financing something, owning something and sharing it all with my crew.”

Zendaya Shares Her Thoughts on the Netflix Film ‘Malcolm & Marie’

Netflix’s Malcolm & Marie shooting took just 14 days with a 22-person crew. As Zendaya explained, the movie and 2020 provided the opportunity to get back in touch with a collective feeling of gratitude.

“If there’s anything to learn from this year, and I hope from our little movie, it’s gratitude for every moment and every person we get to love,” Zendaya said. “To stop and acknowledge the people in our lives who make it possible to do the work we do and honestly, make life worth living. It comes in many forms and sometimes it’s just a thank you.”

Moreover, the actress Zendaya touches on finding herself amidst the current pandemic. 

Levinson also addressed the film on the day of its release. While speaking with Esquire,  Levison talks about the mid-pandemic movie. He also touches on the movie-spurred debate on the role of film critics. Additionally, as of late last month, Khal gave readers an inside look at the production. Completing the chat, he expands on comments from Levinson and Zendaya.

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