DaniLeigh may have had a rough few weeks. The singer took a lot of backlash after her “Yellow Bone” song got a different reaction than expected from fans. While the singer’s, intent may have been to create a song that celebrated lighter-skinned women, the public was just not here for the potential division it could cause in the community.

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Not too long ago, fans were also getting on the singer because of her failed Buss It Challenge where she didn’t include the transformation part of the challenge.

It’s safe to say DaniLeigh hasn’t been feeling much support from the public recently because following her breakup with DaBaby, people swam to her comment section to remind her of the “Yellow Bone” lyrics that will most likely never release. “So yellow bone is not what he want?” a fan wrote with crying emojis. “Is this all yall gone say??? And for how long???” DaniLeigh responded. “Come up with some new fr or jus get off my page.”


The 26-year-old then took to her Instagram with a message. “Any time GOD calls you to a new level it will seem like you’re losing more than you are gaining… stay encouraged… he is making room.”

Meanwhile, DaBaby is looking for a woman to take on a date for Valentine’s day. The rapper posted a video of the model, India Love rapping dancing to one of his songs on TikTok. “This Tik Tok is a #Masterpiece @indialove [Goat] Morning, Best re-enactment of this Tik Tok gets flown out for a date w/ Baby on Valentine’s Day. #MASTERPIECECHALLENGE Choosing the winner Friday, February 12th. Starting now.. GO!”

Do you think DaniLeigh and DaBaby will get back together?