DMX returned to Drink Champs and shared that Pop Smoke will be posthumously featured on his upcoming album.

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The Hip Hop legend revealed that he plans to bridge the generational gap by collaborating with the Griselda boys and the late Brooklyn rapper in an exclusive clip shared by Revolt. “I got Griselda boys. Pop Smoke,” DMX said. “That’s what type of new I’m doing.

The Meet the Woo rapper helped propel the Brooklyn drill sub-genre to mainstream and he was frequently compared to the likes of 50 Cent, who executive produced his debut album. But his deep voice is more similar to DMX’s signature growl, which N.O.R.E. noted during the conversation.


“Pop Smoke is you and 50 Cent’s baby,” he joked. “If you and 50 Cent had a baby that would be Pop Smoke.”

X joked back, “That would be awkward. But he would have the baby! … It would be ours, but he would have it! I get it.”