The Northstar Group, the parent company of The Source, has announced the launch of the beta version of The Source Streaming platform, now available on Apple, Google, Roku, and Amazon platforms.

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The streamer is built and operated under the mantra of “Our Stories, On Demand, For the Culture.”

Alongside the launch, The Northstar Group chairman and owner-publisher of The Source, L. Londell McMillan, spoke with AdWeek to detail the new initiative.


“You can count on maybe one hand the number of Black-owned media moguls that have had a national media business,” McMillan said. “We’ve always felt left out, we always felt that we don’t have our stories told, we feel like we always have to bend to the distribution platforms of others, which compromises our integrity, or be told that we have to make content a certain type of way.”

He added, “People are tired of just clicking around all over the place, trying to find the right kind of narratives and stories of either hip-hop culture, authentic Black culture, diversity of culture, culture for people of color. Culture from women that’s empowering and not in any way patronizing. So we want to be that space where we tell real stories.”

The Source Streaming will launch as AVOD with content ranging from originals and films to music, news, and culture.

“If you want a brand safe environment for hip-hop on a national scale, The Source magazine and Source Streaming is your only platform that really exists for that on a national scale,” he said. “We’re hoping that our advertisers who want this audience will respect that, don’t just buy us just because we’re Black-owned, but buy us because our stories are compelling. They’re clearly mainstream now, and therefore the culture.”

You can read the entire piece from AdWeek here.

streaming ipad panel1
streaming ipad panel1