There are times when somebody who has achieved success wants to give back to the community they grew up in, as a way to say thanks to help others get a leg up. This is what Oakland-based rapper Bruh Bruh did. At a local Walmart, he gave out $10,000 to unsuspecting people, and did so on Christmas Eve. While this sounds like a great act of giving in the spirit of Christmas, not everyone had positive things to say about it.

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It all started on Christmas Eve. Bruh Bruh showed up at the local Walmart in his community, coming in with the intention of helping out those who are less fortunate, especially children who made not be getting much on Christmas. With $10K in hundreds in his hand, he walked through Walmart and started giving out hundred-dollar bills while wishing everyone a Merry

Black, white, Latino, children, Salvation Army bell-ringers, and Walmart employees all received at least $100 each throughout his giveaway. He also went up to cash registers and paid for peoples’ purchases. Bruh Bruh believes that if you’re blessed with success and the ability to give, you should pay it forward. In his opinion, you only get what you give. He thinks
everyone who makes it, especially rappers, should be giving back at least sometimes. After all, if you’ve got rings and chains, you could afford to give a little back.


Not satisfied with just giving back to people in Walmart, Bruh Bruh went on to give out meals to dozens of homeless elsewhere in the community later that day, and kept spreading the Christmas cheer by also giving out toys he picked up while at his Walmart giveaway. Bruh Bruh also dropped off a bunch of new toys at the local Salvation Army Family Store.

By the sound of it, you would think that everyone would find this a really nice gesture to do, especially on Christmas Eve. However, as seems to always be a case, there were a few naysayers online speaking out against it.

The majority of the criticism revolved around people saying he didn’t actually give out $10K. While it seemed like he only had a half-inch thick wad of cash on him in his giveaway video, Bruh Bruh later made a response video where he showed that $10K in $100 bills is really that small. He also showed off several more $10K bundles of cash along with it. Showing off
$100K on camera, all of which he managed to hold with one hand, was him putting rumors to rest that he was skimping out on actually giving out $10K because he couldn’t afford it.

An overwhelming majority of people who learned about the giveaway responded favorably to it. Many spoke in the same vein of remarking how rappers are doing more than the government to help out those in need.
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