Following up on his “I’m Good” single in 2020, which celebrated Black Boy Joy, Remey Williams is back with his new single “Real Love Ain’t Safe.”

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The new single highlights his vulnerability and ingenuity that is continuously present in Remey’s music. The new single is set to become a R&B sensation. “You give me your heart and mine in exchange it’s a risk to take real love ain’t safe,” Remey said of exchanging the range of their hearts and souls.

“It’s hard to love all of someone when they’re afraid to give you all of them. We all have flaws, some parts of us lack confidence,” Williams said. “That’s the part I want to know. That’s the part I want to fall in love with. That’s what makes you. It is a risk to give that person that side of you but if it’s a person I want to spend my forever with, let’s go all the way. No 50/50 keep it 100!”


You can see the new video below.