50 Cent’s Super Bowl Party may have been a hit but it cost a business the building it operates in. The Tampa Bay Times reports a party in an airplane hanger violated COVID-19 safety protocols, leading to the termination of a lease for an aircraft maintenance company.

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St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman criticized the party as “not safe or smart” and added “It’s stupid.” He would close the message by saying it could “end up costing someone a lot more than 50 cent.”

Indeed it did, as Sky Addict’s 3,000 square foot hanger and office space will now have to be vacated within 180 days. The lease had just been renewed for five years in December.


In addition to the reckless nature of the party, SKy Addict did not file a COVID-19 Safety Plan for an event that hosted over 250 people, which was a rule that went into effect on Feb. 1. There is no concrete number of how many people attended the event.