New Jersey artists Mir Fontane and Mir Pesos sat down for an interview on Tuesday to address allegations that Cardi B stole the hook of their song “Stuck” for her new single “Up”.

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The Camden native, Mir Fontane, seems certain that their record went straight from their studio session to the multi-platinum Bronx rapper.

“It’s more so a fact than a possibility at this point,” Fontane said on the “Mina’s House” podcast. “I’m not going to say too much or show too much but I’ve definitely been around people that work with Cardi B.”


Cardi B has denied that she copied their hook and said on Twitter that if she in fact had been inspired by Mir Fontane’s hook she would’ve willingly cut them a check.

Cardi B herself may not have stolen the hook, but it is a fact that Cardi often deploys a team of writers when working on new music. According to Tidal, the single has 5 different writers credited for the single.

Cardi B teased “Up” on August 7th, a fact that she posted on Twitter to defend herself. In the interview with MinaSayWhat, Fontane recalls first recording the track as early as April. They dropped the video for “Stuck” in September.

After the initial release of “Up” Mir Pesos jumped on Twitter demanding his cut of the royalties from Cardi B. Pesos claims in the interview that he was mostly joking when he tweeted that, but once the tweet went viral it confirmed that other rap fans heard the similarities as well.

As of now, it is unclear whether or not Pesos and Fontane will pursue legal remedies, however, in a separate interview Fontane does say that he wants compensation for the alleged theft.