All eyes have been on Lil Uzi Vert lately following his new drip for his third eye, aka the alleged $24 million pink diamond the rapper implanted into his forehead.

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As fans anticipate new music from the rapper, Uzi sat down with Fat Joe and talked about his latest body of work, Eternal Atake, and explained why he didn’t think the work was his best.

“I say the music wasn’t that great for me, it would have been an amazing project for anyone else, but the music wasn’t that great,” he states. “It’s great ride music and it could live, you know how shit goes, maybe in a little bit of time there’ll be a hit off there. Usually, my shit is automatic and I had one or two great songs on there out of a whole f*cking deluxe and a whole album and after I sat back– you know how you’re in the studio, Joe, and you listen to music so loud that your ears are bleeding? I actually, this time, I’m taking my time.”


Uzi also explains the reason he moved forward and released the album had to do with some of his songs being leaked. However, the rapper didn’t want to keep fans waiting for an album, pushing a two-year wait into three years. “I have no problem putting out a leaked song but sometimes that sh*t is personal, Joe,” Uzi said.

“Sometimes it’s like, the time and everything, and ‘come on, Uzi, we need to drop’ and I didn’t want it to go on to three years. So I dropped this album and the music is tolerable. It’s not, ‘Oh my god, this is sh*t’. The music is definitely there, it’s good production but, honestly, from Lil Uzi Vert we expect a fcking star, moon, spaceships, and the high above. We expect everything from him because I’m already giving off this persona. I have a f*cking pink diamond in the middle of my head, Joe. Everything is supposed to be going f*cking diamond.”

In the live, the rapper also talks to Fat Joe about dying at 27, why he chose to put the diamond into his forehead, and more. What are you expecting from Lil Uzi’s next album?