The pandemic has turned the world upside down causing more damage than anyone was prepared for.COVID-19 has caused so much pain in the world with half a million deaths, lost wages, broken families and homelessness.

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On the top of that list—single moms. Black single moms struggling to make ends meet. ABC News Prime sat down with mail carrier Alisha Carter and her 5 children to discuss how a hardworking American mom with a good job in America ended up living out of her car.

“I’m more independent. I really don’t like handouts or someone feeling pity for me. Just the sense of wanting to have to get it on my own.” -Carter


Alisha packed her five children up and they lived in a hotel until her funds ran out. Their next step was living out of their car while Alisha worked for the post office and her children attended school. Her children were optimistic and happy just to be together.  We often see single black women struggling to raise families while keeping a smile on their face. The stigma that black women have to be strong has been around for quite some time. Forced to be ‘strong’ when they don’t want to be. Not allowed to play the damsel in distress, black women have had to overcome situations that would break most.

Check out Alisha Carter’s story and how she used hope to make it through this tough time.