The rapper known as JiG wants a piece of the pie. As a newcomer on the scene, he just showed you that he may be a rookie but he has done his homework and he gets an A. His newly released single, “Jitterbugs” featuring the viral female rapper, Erica Banks (Buss It) is set to blow the competition out of the water. JiG is going for the win and he makes no apologies as he delivers an epic performance with Banks who is signed to Carl Crawford (a former MLB player).  All the players are on deck and the first release of 2021 is well on its way to becoming a smash hit. 

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Signed to 100 Percent Pure Entertainment, an indie label based out of Newark, New Jersey, it was a no brainer to the label’s CEO to recruit him. “JiG is talented. Hands down, I’m the captain of this team, but he is definitely a star player”, states record label exec and owner, DB.

JiG wants to change the narrative. As a rookie in the game he’s taking mental notes because he knows where he is headed. He’s patient but he is moving the needle with some of his latest releases. He dropped “Peter Parker” at the close of 2020 and it’s climbing on streaming platforms. The clock is ticking and he’s on a mission. With that in mind, he also released his latest single, “MJ” which is available on all musical outlets. 


Although he hails from Newark, NJ – the streets are talking everywhere about this swagged out rapper who is big on education. As he comes face to face with his college degree in the Fall of 2021, he plans to finish what he started. Publicist Lynn Hobson affirms, “I am confident that he is going to achieve his goals. He understands the process and he’s pacing himself for the win. After opening up for big named artists such as Tory Lanez, Dream Doll, Pop Smoke and more, he knows what he has to do to earn his spot. He’s going to make it to the top. Remember I saw it coming from a mile away.”